Nouvelle technologie micro START coupe-métaux CNC / machine de découpe plasma cnc portable

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Condition: Nouveau
Certification: Certificat CE
Garantie: 12 mois
Service après-vente fourni: Ingénieurs disponibles pour entretenir des machines à l'étranger



1.The precision needed for longitudinal is quite high, the machine has adopted double-side high precision gear and rack for transmission. The connection between the gear and rack is spring pressed type to avoid the connection error and enhance the stability in the transmission. The produce precision in the machine body and the install process is the pre-requisite for the machine working precision. It is easy to control and achieve the precision accompanying with epicyclic gearbox and servo motor under the control of CNC system through the optical encoder inspection in the position. The speed control use the frequency-transformer drive amplifier, it can guarantee the good stable transmission and the position precision

2. The transverse drive device

The precision needed for transverse and longitudinal is the same. The transverse drive use the liner guide rail(Material is U71Mn). The drive system is the same as longitudinal type. In the two side of the crossbeam ,there are steel belt drive device. The main and side moving body is clamped by the steel belt drive two side to achieve stable movement. There are limit switch in the cross beam two side.

3.Le système d'entraînement provient du servo-variateur AC importé du Japon pour une circulation stable, une gamme plus étendue de transmission de vitesse, un temps d'accélération court.

4. Electronic box
All signal lines are used KVVRP shielded cable and WEIPU connector

5.Use Germany imported reducer for gear and rack connection.

6. Heavy duty cutting torch lifting body
The heavy duty cutting torch lifting body is moved through the liner guide rail for up,down movement. The whole system is installed in a sealed full box.

7. company MIRCO EDGE cnc control system, 17 inch color display screen, dynamic graphic display, automatic tracking, DETAILS as below.

8.Through the JAPAN imported original Panasonic servo motor, the magnet steel will be more durable, demagnetization will not happen because of the heating of the MOTOR.

9.Use AR voltage height level adjustment system to protect cutting torch ensuring the long life of the consumables.